Follow up: tickets to rock gigs

I’ve had cause to think about the issue of what is reasonable conduct at various events again recently.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see Iron Maiden at Rod Laver Arena. Once again, I was in the reserved seats area. And once again, no one around me stood up.

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Australian history

I find it really perplexing that Australians find it so difficult to be honest and factual about the circumstances in which Europeans first came to the land that became known as ‘Australia.’ The latest results from ABC’s Vote Compass show a slight majority agree with the proposition that “school textbooks should refer to the arrival of European colonists in Australia as an invasion of Aboriginal lands.”

Why is this something that 44% of people disagree with? This was the state of Aboriginal Australia prior to invasion:

Map of Aboriginal language groups prior to European arrival.

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How to fail at communication: song and dance

Some things benefit from the addition of music and dance.

Corporate, professional communication… not one of them!

I suspect Siemens will survive this naff folie de grandeur. One of the greatest mysteries of capitalism is the way that companies can say and do boneheaded things while their business sails imperviously on.

Even so, it has set an example to companies everywhere of how silly you can look when you ignore three basic rules of corporate communication.

The first says large companies must never turn to song. There is not a single example of a business putting its values to music without mass humiliation.

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