Marriage equality – vote yes, vote now!

Reblogged from the Castan Centre.

This survey is a ridiculous waste of money and an offensively bad way to determine issues of policy, but the question is simple:

Should the law be changed to allow same-sex marriage?

That’s it. It is not about free speech or parenting or religious freedom or boys wearing dresses (which is actually not a bad thing…)



It’s just about whether Australian law should be equal and non-discriminatory. That’s all.

So vote yes, post your vote as soon as you get it, and remember this whole exercise in unleashing discrimination, bigotry and public expenditure wastefulness when we next have to vote for the government…


By Caitlin McInnis The marriage equality survey is now under way, and lots of Australians are showing their support for equal love. If you want to stay inspired on a daily basis, there are many things you can do, including following us on Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be making the “YES” case every day. […]

via 5 things you need to know about voting in the marriage equality survey — Castan Centre for Human Rights Law